Thursday, January 22, 2015

Duster Cardigan Sew Along w/ Mimi G

Hey Darlings! I so am happy to finally share one of my favorite projects so far...the floor length duster! I am going to make so many of these and wear them all the time, lol They are so comfy and fast to make. I have listed my suggested fabrics below along with a link to the pattern I am using to make the modifications and of course the sew-along video is below.

Fabrics: HERE is the one I am using for the video and HERE are some other great options. Don't forget to use my awesome code to get 10% off your fabric purchase "MIMI10"
Pattern: HERE NL#6735

Mimi G


  1. Can't wait to make this! How do you determine how much fabric to purchase to ensure you have enough?

    1. You will need at least 3.5 yards (to estimate yardage….measure from your shoulder to the floor and add 10″ then multiply that by 2 and divide into 36) I always like to add a half yard of fabric just in case.

  2. I've been toying around with this one piece of lightweight knit in my stash...not sure what to make with it...this may be the answer! Simple, yet casually chic!


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