Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ready for Valentine's Day? Let us help you...DIY Simplicity Skirt

Not sure what to wear for your Valentine? Think came across this beautiful floral print which was perfect for our DIY Valentine's Day project.
This beautiful fabric features a floral print with rainbow yarn sewn throughout is available online. Although it is in our outwear section, it is perfect for skirts and jackets as well. We decided to make a midi using Simplicity pattern 4236


While the pattern did not call for a lining we felt this skirt needed one. We used a cream colored ambiance and cut it the same as the skirt pattern. This worked perfectly.  

We attached the lining at the waist, hemmed the lining and...

 here is the finished skirt!

Of course I had to try it on before it went up for display in the store. This is one project I may have to steal back & wear it out.  I paired it with a hot pink tank, a navy cardigan and some gold wedges. Love it!

Just a reminder if you're looking for other Valentine fabrics or ribbons, check out our seasonal section. We just added new products for Valentine's Day. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY Men Boxer Shorts

Valentine is coming up! Let's have a bit of fun. These funky men's boxer shorts were created out of our Valentine's Day themed cotton print which you can find under Seasonal → Valentine's Day or by simply clicking on the image below. The pattern we used is Simplicity 1605 which is also available to purchase online.


Timing saving sewing tip!  Instead of cutting out notches, clip them. Saves a lot of time!

Stitching a seam

Serged seam. If you don't own a serger/overlock machine, use pinking shears.

 Sewing tip...Put a piece of ribbon or swatch of fabric at back of garment. That way you know it's the back side.

The final product!

Unfortunately we could not find any volunteers to try them on...:-(

Monday, January 27, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

Home Decor Trends 2014

Recently The Wall Street Journal published home decor trends for 2014 highlighting what is in and what is out. According to the article ikat prints, white kitchens, woodland creature like owls and deer we use for decor, books in matching colors as well as much beloved antiques furniture pieces reupholstered with linen and neutral looks are all out this year...

Instead using window sheers, macramés, corduroy upholstery, venetian marbled paper prints and deco-inspired hues such as rose, quartz, topaz, olive and whiskey are the new looks and way to go.

I love the fact that sheer is no longer considered to be granny-ish and outdated! We have tons of beautiful and freshly photographed sheer and lace that offers more transparency and light when used for window treatments.
To find this fabric go under Home Decor-> Sheer
To find lace go to Apparel & Fashion Fabric → Lace → Assorted Lace
However I am not sure I agreed on replacing velvet with corduroy. Velvet brings the richness of color and luxurious depth to the surface, plus there is less waste when cutting, as its nap is continuous,  oppose to corduroy which is directional....although if using the wider waled corduroy as suggested in the article, the end result can look bold and interesting...

We will be getting more of the wider waled corduroy in our store and online shop but these are also suitable for small furniture items and light upholstery...
To find this fabric go under Quilting & Cotton Fabric → Cotton Corduroy
I am undecided. What are your thoughts on this? Leave your comments and let is know what you would rather have in your home!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY Workout Outfit Tutorial w/ Mimi G.

Hi Darlings!

It seems like every time I go to buy workout clothes I can never find anything that is not a tank or sports bra. I don’t always feel comfortable with a bare midriff at the gym so I end up wearing a plain t-shirt. I decided that I need to look better at the gym do that I could feel better. So I though,  why not make my own workout gear?

T-SHIRT: This is an easy step by step tutorial on making a long sleeve and body tee that can be worn with leggings in or outside of the gym! The pattern we are using  New Look 6230 and it is one of my favorite t-shirt patterns because it is a raglan sleeve which is flattering on all women and can be made in different fabrics/colors for interest. I also want to point out that I like being able to wear my leggings with tops that cover my "lady parts" so making your own custom length tee is perfect for that. I have linked the suggested fabrics below and of course don’t forget to use my coupon code at check out “MIMI10”

MAKING LEGGINGS: Not only can you make your own custom tee but you can also make you very own leggings using my free tutorial which I have posted and linked below! You will never need to buy workout gear again.

T-SHIRT FABRICS: Any lightweight/medium knit will work nicely for this pattern. The stripes are really great and can be found HERE. The solid BAMBOO knits are great and make for fun color combo’s and MODAL knits are amazing and feel so good on your skin.

LEGGINGS FABRIC: The great thing about making your own clothes is that you can decide what fabric you want  and have a blast creating but if you are not sure what fabrics will work I have linked my top choices. The beauty of making your own leggings is that you can make them from much thicker fabrics as opposed to the fabrics used in my store bought leggings. I am obsessed with athletic spandex and own almost every color. It is a nice medium weight spandex fabric that is ideal for leggings. I really love it because it is not shiny and sometimes can be found in cool prints. Any of THESE athletic spandex fabrics will work. If you like the shiny look of workout leggings THESE fabrics are perfect. If you are a little obsessed with animal prints like I am you can use any of THESE (these are thinner fabrics) 

Mimi G

Monday, January 20, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

7 most wearable Spring 2014 trends - Celebrating the Eccentric

Well, the new year has just started and fashion world is back in its usual cycle. The international Big 4 fashion weeks with Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter events held each year in four major cities starting with New York, London and followed by Milan and Paris. They determine what is in and what is out, do's and don'ts, must haves.  Starting with New York on February 5th, the full schedule and dates are announced by French Fashion Federation. For full calendar please refer to this Fashion Week Online website. Here are 7 most wearable trends of Spring 2014 according to fashion industry expects:
1) crop tops, tea-lenght skirts, fringing and embellishments:

3) Collarless boxy coats and jackets:

4) Plastering words across almost anything is in!

5) It is all about blings, shiny effects, metallic materials, mirrored effects, sequin, crystals and everything else that is futuristic.

6) Wide-leg and tuxedo meets-athletic-trousers  - love!!!

7) In terms of colors, whether mixed or on its own, the colorful and radiant palette of spring colors 2014 is a wonderful sense of balance between soft pastels, bright and energetic vivids , and neutrals:

Michael Levine has broad range and variety of the fabrics on offer to style you up for 2014!

For lace look under Apparel & Fashion Fabric → Lace->Assorted Lace
Assorted Lace

For coating fabrics look under Apparel & Fashion Fabric → Coating / Outerwear
Coating & Outerwear

For shine and blinks look under Apparel & Fashion Fabric → Sequin

For designer fabrics look under Apparel & Fashion Fabric → Designer Fabrics
For fringe look under Trim → Fringe
For Chiffon Silk look under Apparel & Fashion Fabric → Chiffon → Silk

For words and letters look under Cotton Prints → Novelty & Conversational → Letters & Writings

Letters & Writings

Follow us on social media as will be posting more trends and DIYs with fabrics from Michael Levine store!