Thursday, November 7, 2013

A little Thanksgiving crafting...

Last week I decided I wanted to do a few crafts with the kids for Thanksgiving. We usually have lots of kids at Thanksgiving so I thought maybe I could find a craft they could do that would be good for multi age levels and not involve too many supplies. I came across two that I liked.
The first one is from Kate at
These little turkey pom poms looked perfect for my 6 year old. All I needed was felt, a glue gun, pipe cleaners, googlie eyes, and a skein of yarn. Sarah & I decided to test them out today.

Always read the directions first. This is not something most 6 year olds want to do, but we got through it. LOL!

Making the pom pom.

Tracing her hand.

Sarah's turkey!

This project was really simple & fun for Sarah. She did need some assistance, but if you have a teen  cousins around they can easily assist. If you really wanted to be crafty, you could make them ahead of time as place holders. The table would look super cute with one of these pom poms of each guest napkin or plate. Sarah wanted to write her name on each finger. I'm sure she would have loved a few foil embellishments to decorate her turkey. This craft is a winner if you need to keep kids busy before the turkey is served. Sarah gave it a thumbs up. To find more detailed directions click here

The second craft we tried out today was created by Lisa Storms. This no sew project was a little too hard for my 6 ear old, but I think most 8 year olds would be fine. For this project you need felt, polar fleece, and some stuffing.

Making the template.

Cutting this basketball fleece I found at The Loft. The colors were perfect so I got it. I'm hoping once it is cut & tied the basketballs will be less noticeable.

Holding the smaller template in place to cut the strips.

After tying, stuffing, and cutting a few pieces of felt here is our turkey. I think I may make a larger one as well. They will look cute together on my mantle. 

Click here for the template and more detailed directions.