Thursday, November 1, 2012

Faux fur is everywhere...

I know I mentioned I saw a lot of Faux in New York last week, but I am also seeing it everywhere in LA.  Today I had to go to Target. As soon as I walked in there was faux fur on the first display. The jackets had faux fur hoods or lapels and the hats and mittens were all about the faux fur.


After Target I went home and checked my mail box. To no surprise there was a Pottery Barn Teen catalogue. Since I just finished building a house there are always catalogues in my mailbox, but Pottery Barn, weather it's Teen, Bed & Bath, or Baby, is always there at least once a week.  On the front cover are faux fur bean bags. Inside it shows faux fur totes, chairs covered in faux fur, sleeping bags lined in faux fur, and many other items.


So many of these items would make easy DYI projects and probably cost half the price. I love the idea of the sleeping bag. All kids love having a cute sleeping bag. How great would it be to make one that was all furry on the inside and had a great print on the outside. With a little searching I found this website that has good tutorial. While she is making a child size sleeping bag, she says you can adjust it be a teen/adult size. The tote is also so cute. If you made it large enough it would be a great diaper bag or just a cute bag for your teen to throw her overnight clothes into. The ear phones and the travel neck pillow are great holiday gift ideas. Here are a few links to help you get the neck pillow going. For a free pattern check out this site or for a good tutorial click here. Bean bags are another great idea for the teens in your life. They can always use another place for their friends to hang. The only problem, as I have found out, is that they are very expensive. Here is a website that has instructions on how to make your own. I may have to try this one.

So if you get the inkling to try one of these DYI's make sure you check out our faux fur. They range from $24 to $41 per yard. Also we love to see the finished project as well. Go to our Facebook page and post a picture so everyone can get inspired.  Lastly, don't say you heard it from this little birdie, our faux fur just may be going on sale this month.

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