Monday, November 5, 2012


I have been coming across so many great felt projects online. I just wanted to share a few of them with you. Also,  since we have felt on sale all week ,I thought it might entice you to buy some. Wink, wink!

This site called Craftsy has lots of great felt ideas. Form cute felt houses to tree garland, and lots in-between. 

Family Circle has an easy stocking template. Something like this would be great to update the mantle, but also an easy craft for all the kids to make at your next holiday party. You could Pre-cut out the stocking and they can decorate it. Now that is a party favor I would like to go home with. mI love the untraditional color selection. I am so into turquoise, greens, and reds right now.

Of course we can't forget Martha. When in need of a craft she is always there to lend a helping hand. I have to say sometimes they get a bit complicated for me, but here are a few that are darling and may not take up your entire day.





The felt bag is one that I am really drawn to. I use recyclable totes all the time. Again this would make a great gift. If you had extra time maybe adding the recipients initials would be a nice touch.

Here is the video for the tree wine covers. These really make an ordinary hostess gift much more personal.

Of course, since I have little ones, I love the monster mittens and the Tooth Bear. They are so cute & would make you the hit among all the moms! I think my five year old may have to get the tooth bear this year. So vintage looking!

All the above crafts can be found at They all have directions and pictures to help you make some great felt crafts this winter.

I don't want to leave out Hanukkah, so here are a few crafts that are fun.


The 8 nights of Hanukkah Countdown Calendar is from Land of Nod. I love this idea. Kids love anything that counts down and contains some sort of goodie! Again, while this one is great, it would be a nice tradition to make one with your kids.

I love every year when we pull the holiday boxes out, which we have lots, since we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, and my kids, my husband, and myself, gravitate to items that have special meaning to each of us.  It may be the menorah I painted when my husband and I were dating, or the box that my mom put my most special gift in each year, or the ornaments that they made in school when they were little. Whatever it is we always enjoy a few moments talking about those special people or those special times.  They always want to hear the stories behind these personal treasures. I love that. That is really what the holidays are about. Spending time together, cherishing each other, and remember family who can't be with you anymore.

Hopefully one of these crafts will help you make a special memory with your family this year.

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