Tuesday, January 14, 2014

7 most wearable Spring 2014 trends - Celebrating the Eccentric

Well, the new year has just started and fashion world is back in its usual cycle. The international Big 4 fashion weeks with Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter events held each year in four major cities starting with New York, London and followed by Milan and Paris. They determine what is in and what is out, do's and don'ts, must haves.  Starting with New York on February 5th, the full schedule and dates are announced by French Fashion Federation. For full calendar please refer to this Fashion Week Online website. Here are 7 most wearable trends of Spring 2014 according to fashion industry expects:
1) crop tops, tea-lenght skirts, fringing and embellishments:

3) Collarless boxy coats and jackets:

4) Plastering words across almost anything is in!

5) It is all about blings, shiny effects, metallic materials, mirrored effects, sequin, crystals and everything else that is futuristic.

6) Wide-leg and tuxedo meets-athletic-trousers  - love!!!

7) In terms of colors, whether mixed or on its own, the colorful and radiant palette of spring colors 2014 is a wonderful sense of balance between soft pastels, bright and energetic vivids , and neutrals:

Michael Levine has broad range and variety of the fabrics on offer to style you up for 2014!

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Assorted Lace

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Coating & Outerwear

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For designer fabrics look under Apparel & Fashion Fabric → Designer Fabrics
For fringe look under Trim → Fringe
For Chiffon Silk look under Apparel & Fashion Fabric → Chiffon → Silk

For words and letters look under Cotton Prints → Novelty & Conversational → Letters & Writings

Letters & Writings

Follow us on social media as will be posting more trends and DIYs with fabrics from Michael Levine store!


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  1. WOW So nice dress. you looking into silver dress is so amazing. thnak you for sharing with us.