Monday, July 1, 2013


Here are a few pics of the dress & romper that we're working on. Both these fabrics are brand new and caught my eye as I was doing one of my weekly "walk-throughs" through the warehouse. Both projects are well under way & should be done by the end of this week.

DressPattern: Simplicity 1804 (ML244255)
Fabric: ML244085
Supplies: Scissors or rotary cutter, tape measure, elasticpins, wonder tape, fusible tricot (ML244260)Image

Since the salvage rolled, it had to be trimmed off.Image

The proper needles make all the difference.Image

Don't forget to iron the pattern before you put it on the fabric. This will make the pattern easier to work with. Image

Tricot knit fusible interfacing & elasticphoto copy 18

Pinning bodice to copy 9

Pinning interfacing to copy 10

RomperPattern: Marcy Tilton V8813
Fabric: ML243985 (cut  yards for a size 6)
Supplies: Scissors or rotary cutter, tape measure, pins


Measure the grain line to salvage to make sure it is straight.


Again, iron the pattern to make sure it lays flat on the fabric.


By the end of the week we will have the finished product ready.



  1. I can not wait to see the results. Especially the one of the dress.
    I am so not into the knit fabrics. I am afraid to sew with knits.
    I have such gorgeous knits at home. I just love staring at them. lol

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. I made the simplicity dress, but the facing rolls out terribly. Does yours do this?

  3. I only put it on really fast the other day. It seemed fine. I will try it on again tomorrow and take a few pics for the blog. I hope not. We did have to tweek the pattern a bit. We will explain more in the blog post.