Friday, October 26, 2012

The streets of New York

Being in New York is a mix of chaos and beauty at all times. As I walk from Mid Town to Soho I hear horns and music from a street musician, I see trash on the sidewalks and beautiful cabbage plants growing in the center divider.

I smell subway fumes

and bakery delights.

I have to say every time I visit New York I truly enjoy myself. Yesterday on my walk I was inspired by some of the great windows I saw or the shops I went into. I just want to share a few pictures with you. Hopefully they will inspire you too.

I love this bed from Jonathan Adler. While there is no way I can afford this, I love the shape of the headboard and the mix of pillows. A subtle nod to Morocco. I think I can achieve the same look in my new master bedroom for 1/3 of the price by shopping lower priced stores and/or making a few of my own pillows with our fabric.

These chairs were right in the front of the store. The chevron is still going strong. So many stores in Soho were featuring it. I like the look, maybe even just for an ottoman. We are getting more & more home decorating fabric everyday.

Another trend that is still going strong is the spike. I saw them on so many types of shoes and in so many different store windows. Of course there was the standard spike,there was also a great skull on the flat, and then the surprise was the spiked converse. Check out our spikes and studs, both in store & online.


One of the stores I always visit while in New York is the ABC Carpet & Home store. Again very pricey, but always inspiring. This time they were in full swing for Christmas so I had to look for home items that were not all about the holidays. The one thing they had tons of were pillows. Every color pallet you could think of was represented. I just snapped a few pictures.  I loved the idea of infusing these bright colors throughout my house, yet being able to change it up easily if I tire of them. The pinks were so fun.

As were the neutrals with their texture and metallic pops. I know we just received a few metallic Jacquard that would work great.

Another thing they were doing a lot of was making fairly small pillows out of a variety of sequins or sea beaded fabric. Many of them were in holiday colors, but here are a few that were not. Again, a fun pop for any room especially if you're having a holiday party. Even a runner made with what someone else would use for their party dress will add glam to any table. 

Lastly, felting was popular. I saw felted scarfs and big flowers that really were just a fun accent for the home, but these children's shoes/slippers really caught my eye. They were so colorful and fun. 

Here's a blog that has very similar elf slippers. They are made with Cascade 220. Check out all our colors. So many options.

Also here is a free pattern for the elf slippers.

Of course, there were so many great apparel items. I could have taken picture after picture, but my husband got tired of losing me when I would stop to take pictures when he wouldn't realize & would just keep walking. It was comedy after awhile. Here are three of my favorite pieces.


I love the nubbiness of the sweater wraps. The three looks in the Rebecca Taylor window are all so chic. I wish you could see the last look better. I love the sequin jacket with the skinny black pant. So simple and put together. Lastly, I had to represent the faux fur that was everywhere in New York. I also love the crop leather jacket!

Well that is it. I'm on my way home. Hopefully we will get back next fall and I will bring you more from the streets.

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