Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This Xmas forget paper wrapping!

Isn't Xmas most exiting time of the year?  Cooking, baking, crafting, Christmas presents shopping – there is so much going on!  As a result there is not much time left when it comes to gift-wrapping which is usually left to the very last minute. I think we all agree that gift-wrapping could be much more exciting if time wasn't such an issue. Well, if you are one of the lucky ones, with a creative and crafty mind, who does get some spare time during this crazy exciting period you will probably find this post very useful. I have done some research on how to bring Christmas gift-wrapping to the next level and without the use of conventional paper. The Internet is swamping with ideas. Here are a few that really spoke to me.  I found the idea of using lace fabrics, buttons, various xmas-themed embellishments and ribbons as well as knit ware will make your well-crafted present cover a stand out. Here are some images to get you in the mood... Don’t forget to follow our Gift Wrapping with Fabrics board on Pinterest...

And what about these cute and stylish fabric gift bags below? We have tons of beautiful fabrics at Michael Levine’s online store suitable for this or any other holiday project. ...another great website for more ideas www.craftandcreativity.com...Have fun exploring...is there any other ideas that you know of? Please share it with us!


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