Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The downstairs is coming together…a new bulitin board, a few pillows and my drapes (finally)

Hello home!

I know a few months ago I shared some of my house remodel with you all. We have been in for almost a year now and slowly I am starting to get the fabric in. I swear it's like the shoemaker's wife. Anyway, finally a few of the projects are done & I wanted to share them with you. If you remember, the entire house's color pallet was done off this beautiful cotton print, ML243870,  which I found in the store and loved. 
I decided to make drapes to anchor the main living space/dinning room and a pillow for the couch. The fabric for the taupe striped pillows was from a small roll I was lucky enough to find hiding in our home decorating store. It is a perfect compliment to the floral print and the couch color. 

Here are a few pics of Robin making the pillows. 

Making your own piping..

Sewing on the fringe..

And here are the drapes…

To make pattern matching a bit easier, Robin used the sew through double sided wonder tape.


That's a lot of fabric to pattern match!

 Here is the room after install yesterday. The drapes just tie everything together. 

(Sorry the color is a bit off from the lighting. The table is not orange at all and the walls are a grey taupe. I need movie lights! LOL!))

And the bulletin board…

Since I wanted to tie into the blues and greens from the main room into the kitchen, I picked this great damask print, but you can use most fabrics. It all depends on the look you're after. I love the French Stamp prints we have. It reminds me of the Restoration Hardware look. Really there is something for everyone on the site. I suggest the Home Decor section as the fabrics are a bit thicker, but a regular cotton print would work as well. Even an Ikat print would be fun.

Here is the space right after we installed it. So nice and clean. If only that was really how it looks.  

And this is how it looks once the family stuff goes back in. I have to say it is still pretty neat. Give it a few days and the kids will take over my work space. 

I now love walking in the back door and seeing this board. It just makes me happy. Next I'm off to find a paint color to add some color to the walls. 


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