Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What a find...

About 5 years ago I was leaving work and as I was driving through the alley behind the apparel store and I saw this chair siting off to the side of the road.


Something about it, probably the carving and detail work, stopped me in my tracks. I put my car in park & got out to take a better look.


The arm that was "missing" was  actually on the pavement and the upholstery was slashed, but besides that the chair was in pretty good condition. I picked it right up and put it in my car. Thank goodness I have a big car to schlep the children around. It really came in handy. I was so happy with my find, but in the house we were in I had no place to put it so it went into the garage. Year after year, it moved houses twice, I would look at it and think how cool it was how I found it. I would admire the detail work, and yet I would leave it in the garage. Finally, when we moved into this new house I knew I had to use it.  It would be perfect in the entry. I decided even though I had no idea how I was going to redo it, I was going to put it out. This would force me to do something with it. Well 9 months have gone by and I am ready to get on with it. I found beautiful fabric, very similar to the original, and a great light blue/aqua gimp (we will be putting Home Decor trim online asap). I have to add a side note here; while I am so glad we have an online store, sometimes, if you are close enough to come in, you can find these great small rolls, that are not re-orederable, but just perfect for the project you're working on. This is one of those cases.



The only thing I am undecided on is how to refinish the wood. I love the natural look of it. It is beautifully distressed and part of me wants to just put a clear coat on, reupholster it, and call it a day. The other part of me, the fun, add some uniqueness and color , wants to do either a cream/white wash or a blue/aqua wash on it. Mostly on the carved areas. I think a full lacquer would be too much, but some color may be a really nice contrast to our Great Grandmother's antique hall tree and my dads mahogany piano stool. (I shipped this stool from Antigua when I went for a visit. It was sitting outside a hurricane destroyed home and it was still in amazing shape. My dad, as well as all his cousins, took piano lessons on that stool. It is like having a little piece of my families history in my entry.) Here is a picture of the still very blank entry.

photo copy

This is the next area I want to focus on. It needs a rug, thinking round, and probably a few antique family picture as well as a beautiful picture from my wedding. The wall to the left has french doors and the drapes are going to be this fabric...


Usually I am so decisive, but for some reason this is giving me a hard time.  Here are a few pics I found online that come close to what I am looking for, but none of them are exactly what I'm imagining in my mind.


In general I like the feel of this entry. The mix of the white wash table with the more modern glass lamps and the interesting wood mirror. It is relaxed, but also current and fresh.

Goodwill Chair6

This one is too much blue, but I do like the bold pop of color.


This one has just a touch of blue mixed with the white. I worry the white will just blend into the white molding.


This is a little more blue, but still very subtle.

Any thoughts would be welcome. I don't want to make the chair too country or too shabby chic looking. The house has a contemporary beach vibe to it. There is a lot of molding and Cape Cod features, but the fireplace and kitchen are more on the modern side. To get a better feel of the house take a look here and here. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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  1. hi hope ur fine, just an advice for your lovely chair, why don't you use a brocade or velvet to add a zing and for the faded areas one artistic idea use scraping movements in such a way that it looks like a design on all the wood areas then super vanish it trust me it will look like new brand wood and enhance the carvings carefully with vanish using a soft brush to avoid brushy lines,for example: you can also keep black velvet as the back rest and floral brocade or any other thick upholestry fabric-blue floral prints on black background or vice-versa on the seat or make a cushion type like soft padded back rest and antique or simple round colored buttons to create the cushion look.........i think there are many other possibilities that can pour in our minds and pleas I would like to see the finished product if you don't mindthnx for sharing Good night

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