Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mimi G. in the house...

Over the last 6-9 months has started working hand in hand with many of you bloggers out there. We have met so many great women who love to sew apparel and children's garments, craft, and knit. Now when we say "met", we're using the word loosely. In the world of blogging I feel like I know and have "met" so many of you, but in reality our meetings take place over e-mails, reading your blogs and/or phone calls. Most of us do not live in the same city and many of us do not live in the same state.

When Mimi, of MImiG Style, came into our life it was pretty amazing to find out that not only is she a blogger, a sewer, has an amazing following, and loves our store but to top it off she lives less than an hour from us. Needless to say we had to meet. A few weeks ago we invited Mimi to go behind the scenes and get a first hand look at some of our new fabrics that are in the warehouse.

photo copy 27

These fabrics are being sorted for the retail store, the internet, and the Loft. Once we decide where they will live they get double & folded or put on rolls and sent to their new home. This process can take any where from a few days to a few weeks depending on the amount of fabric we're talking about. For anyone who has met Larry you know he loves fabric and the more the better. Sometimes we have thousands of yards getting checked in at a time.

Mimi was thrilled to get a peek at what would be hitting the sales floor. We spent a few hours walking all three floors of the warehouse.
photo copy 18

Larry just kept bringing out new fabrics and Mimi, as you will see a bit further down,  just couldn't help herself.  Every time Larry pulled out a fabric, Mimi would Oooh and Ahhh and that was Larry's signal to cut a swatch and get one of our warehouse guys to pull the roll and take it for cutting.

photo copy 12

These fabrics elicited an Oooh or an Ahhh and the scissors came right out. Mimi told us she mostly likes to sew knits, especially double knits, as seen below, but she also picked out this great geometric cotton print and a few textured suitings.
photo copy 13                            photo copy 21                     photo copy 11

Let me tell you we had fun! Between Larry's enthusiasm for his fabric and Mimi's enthusiasm for sewing our fabric, it was like two kids in a candy store. I loved hearing Mimi's thought process out loud. She would see a fabric and start talking about what she wanted to make with it. Let's just say she is going to be one busy camper!

Once we finished the third floor and had plenty of swatches in hand, we headed to the retail store. Orlando, one of our warehouse guys, had already pulled the fabrics from the first two floors and they were ready to be cut.

photo copy 20

One of my favorite cutters, Eldrina, was ready and waiting. She saw the filled cart and was prepared for the long haul.  Here are the fabrics getting stacked up as she cuts...
photo copy 14                                  photo copy 15

Needless to say Mimi just couldn't resist. Once Eldrina was done cutting it took Mimi, her husband, and her oh so adorable son to carry out all the bags.

photo copy 16

As always, I can't wait to see what Mimi makes with the fabrics she picked out. She thought she might start with that great hexagon black & white print above, but who knows what will inspire her when she gets home and unloads her bags. I'm sure no matter what she starts with we're all in for a treat. While Mimi is amazing at linking back to our site, I'm thinking about starting a Mimi section on our home page. Let me know what you think of that. Also, I'm happy to report that we had plenty of yardage of many of the fabrics that inspired Mimi . Some of you may remember last month when Mimi posted that incredible front slit maxi dress, we sold through over 300 yards of that fabric in 2 days! While we love selling that much fabric, it was hard not to please every customer out there. We felt terrible when we ran out of both prints and there were still so many of you trying to order it. Hopefully this time we have enough for everyone. Check out her blog and if you make something please send us your pics. You can Facebook us, Tweet us, or Instagram us at Michaellevinefabrics. Happy sewing everyone!



  1. All I need to know is prices and if you guys ship to Barbados

  2. PLease go online & fill out the international special order form. Thank you.

  3. Please include a Mimi section. She will not disappoint. She is awesome!

  4. I am writing to you from sunny South Africa! I love Mimi G's amazing style and admire her sewing skills! Your store is amazing! What I wouldn't give to visit your store some day! Including a Mimi section will not disappoint!

  5. Marla Salazar-HigginsJuly 1, 2013 at 4:30 PM

    I would love to see a Mimi section! I love all the clothes she creates!

  6. Love this write-up about yourself and Mimi. I'm just starting to follow Mimi and her fashion. She is absolutely amazingly talented seamtress. I have signed up for sewing classes this month because of her. Hopefully, ill be purchasing all my material from you guys. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Mimi is amazing!!! Yes please, include a Mimi section :-)

  8. I love Mimi! She has great style and is an Amazing sewist! Yes please add a Mimi section. I am also a very big(huge really) fan of yours as well. It is the only place I purchase fabric online.

  9. I LOVE Mimi! She is such an inspiration. Please check out and for other sewing inspiration.

  10. It's a no brainer not to add a Mimi section. I was trying to place an order for the floral/stripe fabric that was almost sold out when it wasn't showing up online to order. I called and the lady was like oh your like the 9th person to call because the site was down, she couldn't even get thru to the IT guy to fix it! LOL...Mimi shuts down whole sites..literally!! 1000 X vote for a Mimi G. Style section.

  11. Mimi G is AWESOME! there are sooo many times I buy a fabric because I know I love the patter/ color/ texture but it sits in a box for weeks or months because I can't visualize how I want to use it. Then I'll see on of Mimi's creations and ta-da! I know exactly how to use XYZ fabric :)

  12. What an awesome post regarding this talent of this amazing woman of "sheer" sewing brilliance!! I officially add my absolute YES to the votes for a MiMi G Section! After visiting the retail store and the "Upper Room" (my pet name for the end of bolt loft) during my first visit to L.A. in the winter, I am a Michael Levine fan for life!!! :-)