Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank you Mimi...


I just wanted to give a big thanks to Mimi, from Mimi G. Style, for featuring our fabric in her blog. Of course whenever someone makes something fun, like Mimi did, with one of our fabrics, the phone starts ringing and the requests start flooding in. We have been looking high & low for more of the ITY knit chevron print that Mimi used. I think she must have grabbed the last piece. We will be photographing more knits this week and getting them on-line ASAP. Hopefully Mimi's dress will inspire you, but not limit you to that one print. We have an amazing selection of knits both in our store, Michael Levine, Inc., located in the heart of the Los Angeles Garment District, as well as on-line at I just added a few new chevron knits. Hopefully one of these, or another of our knits, will strike your fancy.

Again, thanks Mimi! We hope to see you in the store soon, and see more of our fabrics come to life through your design.

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  1. I really love of the way u dress and ur style.