Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cute and easy baby bib project...

Today I came into work and saw these adorable bibs (yes I love everything baby) getting ready to be hung for display. I just wanted to share them with you. First click here for the free, yes free, downloadable pattern from Westminster Fibers. It is called Slobber Monkey, by Heather Bailey. What a great name!

These would make a great, and inexpensive, new baby gift. You could even get creative and personalize them. Maybe one for each day of the week or just embroider slobber monkey on them. These bibs are backed in flannel, super soft, but another option is terry cloth. I loved the bibs my mother-in-law made that were backed in terry cloth. They made clean up so easy. Add a bit of water and you have an instant wash cloth to first clean there face, than the tray, than right into the washing machine. I also love the button detail on the top of these. These bibs are so soft, if only I didn't know what a mess they would be after that first feeding. I suggest a bundle of six or seven, tied with a pretty ribbon. Teething babies go through bibs like crazy.


Here are a few pictures of the ones going up for display. If you love these prints click here, or check our all our cotton prints. There are so many options. Have fun and be creative.



  1. I love the prints, especially the little birds!

  2. They are all in our store. I will be puting them online asap. I love them as well.