Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The holidays are coming...

Yesterday as I was walking from my main office to the internet office, as I must do 20 times per day, and I realized our ML elves have been very busy. As the holidays approach, they have been putting up new sample projects to get our customers inspired. I just wanted to share some of these projects with you . They range from super simple (I'm talking a great skein of yarn, some big needles and some cellophane) to ones that the more experienced sewers out there might like.

If you're looking for an easy gift idea, here are a few that I really love....

We have many beautiful skeins of yarn that (with 1 skein) you can make a beautiful scarf. The directions are included. Just add a large pair of needles (check the pattern to see what size is called for) and a pretty basket and your set. Great and super easy gift for the holidays.

We carry so many great books as well. If they love to knit, add a knitting one:  

If they like to crafts, try a fun felt book:

And I could go on and on.  What about filling a basket with fabric? Here are just a few of our pre-cut cotton bundles that make great gifts for your friends who like to quilt:

Lastly here is one of our cute sewing baskets. Have fun filling it with various items from our notion department.

Okay now for those of you who want to make something for those special someone in your life here are a few options...

I will start with the easy ones and work my way my up to the more advanced sewer...

We have so many fun polar fleece panels, from kids characters to sporting teams. These can simply be cut and used as blankets, especially for the kids, or you can finish the edges off.

Beautiful faux that can easily be made into a great throw. Perfect for you & you honey to cuddle under.

Want your own grown up throw? Try lining this amazing, super soft faux fur.  I'm sure your honey would love to snuggle up under one of these.

Love to quilt? Look at this amazing flip flop quilt....Who wouldn't love to get that!

I also really like this cute holiday flannel blanket:

Two other great holiday gifts, very pretty & completely usable are table runners and pot holders. While they may sound old fashion with all the amazing choices in fabrics at the store they won't be dated. You can make them as cool as your imagination lets you. Here are a few holiday ones our busy elfs just finished...

Thanksgiving table runner

Pot holders and an adorable place mat

Okay just when I thought your tour was done I saw a few more goodies...

Love these Ugg-like baby booties. If you have any extra yarn around these would make up so quick and what a perfect gift for anyone with a little one.

If you crochet here are 2 great little purses that all your friends would love to get.

Okay so that is it from the Apparel store. I will be checking out the Home Decor store in the coming days. I hope our elves are hard at  work over there as well!

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