Monday, March 24, 2014

DIY Maxi Dress Tutorial! w/ Mimi G.

Hi Darlings!

Now that spring has arrived it is time to pull out those maxi dresses, or in my case MAKE some maxi dresses! Todays tutorial brought to you by Michael Levine is just that, a great and easy to make maxi dress. I have also taken some pics of a shorter version option if you want to make the dress above the knee.  

Fabric suggestions for this dress are light weight cottons or rayon blends such as these great RAYON PRINTS or these CHALLIS PRINTS. I used this BLACK CHALLIS  and this great TROPICAL PRINT. I also am totally in love with these TIE DYE GAUZE which will look amazing in this dress and of course if you want to use a great bright solid these SOLID GAUZE will work nicely. I hope you enjoy making this dress, and we can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

You can choose to make the dress any length you want and as shown below you can also skip the shoulder gathering too. The best thing about this dress is that depending on your fabric you can make it very casual and great for vacation attire or a little dressier for date night.

Mimi G


  1. Can you suggest the amount of fabirc for a dress size 6?

  2. As always beautiful I will try to make one also.

  3. Can your patterns for purchase be downloaded to smart phones?

  4. Hi Mimi!
    Thank you for posting this free DIY maxi dress... I live in Potugal and I don't have the money to buy patterns even in a low price... I can buy here the fabrics, because I can find them at €1/metre, but patterns they're beyond my possibilities...
    Thank you again!
    Kisses from Portugal!!!

  5. I love this! Thank you! I have recently started making my own clothes and this dress is just lovely! and you explain step by step in an uncomplicated way so thank you xx

  6. Would a jersey knit work for this dress as well?

  7. Just for clarification, the measurement from shoulder to belly button is diagonal? Or are you measuring from shoulder to belly button vertically?

    1. I just started this dress and was wondering the same exact thing. Did you ever make it and what did you do- diagonal or vertical...and how did it turn out?

  8. This looks fabulous, thanks so much for sharing !

  9. Is there a website with all of your patterns? I would love to make some of these for this summer to wear through my pregnancy. I am new to sewing and kind of confused about what needs to be sewn where and how to measure. Could you do this dress with a step by step pictures of how it is made? I would appreciate that so much! Your dresses are beautiful and thank you for sharing!

  10. I made this! I love the dress!!!!! Thanks Mimmi!!

  11. Dear Mimmi,

    this is a great dress pattern! Thank you very much for sharing it! I made it and it looks stunning and is so easy!
    Do you mind if I link your tutorial to my german sewing blog with my best redommendations to your site?!

    this is the blog:

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  13. easy to follow pattern. Fit was not so great as I am bigger up top than around the hips....I suppose if I had more sewing experience I would have known to adjust for that.

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